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Who We Serve

Osterwisch proudly serves the needs of:

Commercial and Industrial: Our highly trained refrigeration system technicians make your industrial or commercial refrigeration contractor selection an easy choice.

General Contractors: Expert refrigeration systems contractor support for any new commercial construction or remodeling projects.


A Service Overview

  • Cooler Repair
  • Freezer Repair
  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Reach-In Coolers & Freezers
  • Refrigerant Retrofits
  • Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Refrigeration Systems Planning, Design, Evaluation
  • Walk-In Coolers & Freezers
  • Heat Reclaim Systems
  • Infrared Leak Detection Systems
  • Multiple Rack Refrigeration
  • Process Refrigeration Systems
  • Refrigerated Food Warehousing
  • Ultra Low Temp Systems

Commercial and Industrial

We realize that your project is critical and time is money. We are always ready when you need us. We have the certified technical expertise to complete your refrigeration project. 



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Cincinnati, OH 45236
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